"Direct your actions to devotion, empathy and love"

"Remember to challenge versatility vision and truth"

"From here to the most distant dimension i dive"

"The promise of sisterhood so solemn and so real"

"A tell made up of words, bodies, chance and utter magic"

"Feed of landscapes, horizons and blue skies"

"Free spirits practice boldness, attention and play"

"Waves and weaves and winds and we"

Seafarer Lookbook FW21

"Fill your eyes with adventures, meaning and intention"

"Overwear, overshare, overdare"

"Some matter to navigate, some stories to learn"

"Embrace the magnetic call to explore and see"

"To dwell and wander, to be intimately free"

"To flow is to still believe in the power of possibilities"

"The pleasure of getting lost in the depth of the gaze"

"Reach out to quiet revolutions"