"History of the iconic Seafarer jeans, loved (even) by Jane Birkin!"

The history of Seafarer jeans begins way back in 1896, when Tony Anzalone, an Italian immigrant and former U.S. sailor nicknamed Seagoing Tony, opened a small tailor shop next to the Brooklyn Navy Yard and began working with the U.S. Navy until he created the original design that would be adopted as the official uniform for more than 100 years. This jeans style was named the flared pants: born with a military purpose, over the course of more than a century of history they became a symbol of peace that helped lead the 1968 demonstrations, until they became the cult jeans that throughout the 1970s became popular among the style icons of the day, such as Jane Birkin, Brigitte Bardot and Farah Fawcett.

The same value of freedom that shaped the brand in the late 19th century accompanies today's artistic direction, curated by Manuela Mariotti. "Seafarer is a journey, an adventure. The inspiration is continuous: a song, a landscape, an encounter, a glance, a love story, a poem or even a diary, all concepts of an authentic narrative path," comments the designer and entrepreneur who, together with Massimo Berloni, Franco Stocchi and Enrico Catani, in 2019 formalized the birth of Academy, an experimental hub created with the desire to support emerging creatives in the fashion world. The brand that kicked off the project was precisely The Seafarer, which, to date, with a ready-to-wear men's and women's collection composed no longer only of jeans, stands out for innovation and research, while remaining faithful to its origins with a declared Seventies mood that, ça va sans dire, has already conquered It-models and celebrities.