"Seafarer Presentation SS 2022"

Seafarer, the American historical brand, born in Brooklyn 1896, is after a moment of absence stepping back into public light with a new vision. During Fashion Week in Milan, on the 22nd of September, Seafarer introduced its new SS22 collection in the new showroom in Via Pietro Mascagni. This is the second collection that is presented under the creative direction of Manuela Mariotti, whose vision of the line is a tale of a journey and an adventure of never-ending inspiration.

The collection tells the story of a couple, starting from Costa Azzurra finding their way to Morocco. The design embodies the sensation of the freedom in traveling, meanwhile portraying the two companions contrast to one another. The aristocratic couple symbolize an independent way to dress, where high quality fabrics and clean designs play a prominent role. 

Guests, press and buyers were invited  to take part of the new collection in the modern, but classic, new showroom in the historical building. During the event that lasted the whole day, food was served by the world famous chef Carlo Cracco, accompanied with wine from the creative directors private vineyard La Collina Delle Fate.